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The scope of her research has not just been restricted to her extensive study of texts, history and philosophy. It is her way of life, directly experiential and participatory, often thrusting her headfirst into liminal states of being.

In her 20 year quest to piece together the last remaining links of the lost mystery tradition of the Sacred Feminine, she traveled the world extensively, living the life of a wandering Shamaness and Yogini, spending prolonged periods of time in the wilderness and in retreat.

She lived 7 years in India and Nepal an aesethic life devoted to rigorous study and practice of Buddhism and Tantra, with pilgrimage to Tantric Shakti Pithas (power places), living for months at a time with sadhus in the jungles of Kamakhya and practicing for a year in the cremation grounds of Varanasi, in between her periods of strict retreat in the Himalayas.

She was confirmed as a Shaman by indigenous Shamans in Korea, which opened the gateway for her immersion in Asian Shamanism and research into its prehistoric roots. She currently works with Shamans in Nepal unifying her years of Tantric practice with the Shamanic path.
She is a Sacred Artist, whose visionary and mystical states are the basis of the ritual artwork she creates as an integral part of her spiritual practice, where art, spirituality and life are not separate.

Having devoted her early years to political peace activism in her native land Israel, she turned to spiritual activism, and staged the first ritual performance in Jerusalem invoking for the first time in thousands of years the lost Goddess of Israel. It was a prayer for her to return to the war torn land, to bring back her ways of peace and love. Now, 7 years after, the Goddess of Israel has miraculously awakened in the minds of the people at last, after eons of taboo. She is continuing this work with her forthcoming ritual performance project: “Opening the Gates of Mercy “.

Her groundbreaking research into the forbidden and forgotten wisdom lineages of female Tantric practices was the pioneer work with which she reconnected the lost links of temple dance and belly dance with the extinct esoteric path of feminine inner alchemy, ritual, and transfiguration already a decade ago, after which introducing and teaching she entered into years of retreat. Now she has returned to teach in the west again, and share this research in her forthcoming book: “Holy Whore “.